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Connect Tri-Cities - At a Glance

Hanford’s legacy dates back to the 1940’s. The knowledge gained during the most complex nuclear undertaking in our nation’s history, executed by Hanford’s workforce, is in danger of being lost with the retirement of our baby-boomers.

The 2017 Connect Tri-Cities goal is to collaborate with community and nation-wide stakeholders to support an effective transfer of knowledge and recruit job seekers in collaboration with STEM, trade/craft and apprenticeship organizations.

The objectives are to best position our eligible workforce for retirement and attract the next generation workforce to join our community and execute Hanford’s cleanup mission.


Tri-Cities Community & Employer Awareness

The goal is to share the vision and growth within the Tri-Cities and the Hanford cleanup mission while connecting job ready candidates.
  • Visit Tri-Cities Washington – Industry, entertainment & growth
  • Hanford's Evolution – Yesterday, today & tomorrow

Diversity & Inclusion

The next generation workforce will represent all aspects of ethnicity, gender, age, personality, education, background and more. The goal is to increase inclusion and connect participants with subject matter experts to foster a thriving, highly-diverse workforce.
  • Veteran Employment Support – Access to employers and workforce development tools
  • Pre- and Apprenticeship Programs – Access to union representatives with information on apprenticeship opportunities
  • Retirement Options & Tools – Retirement planning, AARP tools and subject matter experts in the field of knowledge transfer


In partnership with DOE, Hanford contractors, national laboratories, STEM organizations, and a broad-range of essential tribes, craft and labor unions – Hanford offers a wide-range of employment opportunities. The goal is to connect universities, colleges, and high school students who are ready for job placement.
  • College Fair – Including regional universities, community colleges, and technical schools
  • STEM Scholarship Competition – Scholarship competition for high school students
  • Field Trips – Provide high school students with hands on experience from local businesses
  • Interview Skills & Resume Writing – Hands on coaching and mentoring

Job Fair & Recruiting Center

Connecting communities is the overall theme of this event. The goal is to provide a recruiting center for any business and job seeker interested in the Hanford mission and Tri-Cities community.
  • Job Fair – Including federal agencies, Hanford contractors, national laboratories, labor unions, local/state agencies, STEM organizations, military and local businesses
  • Career Examples – Live demonstrations of real-world job needs – from crane and rigging, emergency responders, engineering, craft and trades

Save the Date 2017

October 10th-12th

We invite you to share in this unique opportunity to engage with the Tri-Cities community, Hanford contractors, small businesses, and the young minds of our future. Admission is free and open to all ages of the public.

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Connect Tri-Cities 2017 will feature guest speakers and interactive presentations.


We are looking forward to talking to you. Do you have questions? Just drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Event Address

7016 W Grandridge Blvd, Kennewick, WA