Corporate Sponsors

Leidos is a global science and technology company with more than 33,000 employees in 30 countries, providing solutions to meet critical needs for both government and commercial customers.
Jacobs specializes in operating, decommissioning, and closing nuclear facilities, and operating base and command centers for large-scale DoD and NASA programs.
Centerra Group performs security, fire protection and emergency management, integrated facility support, training, and demining services for federal, state, and local governments as well as commercial customers worldwide.

Connect Tri-cities Team

Debbie Kelley
Executive Sponsor
Chief of Staff, President’s Office, MSA
Steve Young
Executive Sponsor
Vice President, Portfolio Management, MSA
Ashley Osborne
Project Manager
Project Specialist, Office of Chief of Staff, MSA
Heather Flora
Job Fair Lead
Project Manager, Leidos
Jeff Flora
Logistics Lead
Creative Director, I-3 Global
Tracy Hale
Program Manager, Operating Excellence, MSA
Jared Hovley
Project Controls Lead
Project Specialist, Portfolio Management, MSA
Maura Oldfield
Diversity & Inclusion Lead
Project Liaison, Interface Management, MSA
  • Lanette Adams, Safety Expo and First Responder Lead
  • Sean Barajas, HAMTC HFD Representative
  • Owen Berglund, WRPS Representative
  • Kristine Bowen, WASTREN Representative
  • Ron Cavalier, Vehicle Accident Demonstration Coordinator
  • Mark Cope, HFD / First Responder Coordinator
  • R.J. Debevec, Safety Expo and First Responder Coordinator
  • Gordy Denman, HGU Representative
  • Jill Harvill, HPMC Representative
  • Rad Howard, HAMTC HFD Representative
  • John Jeskey, HAMTC Representative
  • Terri Reyes, Bicycle Rodeo Coordinator
  • Jorge Rodriguez, TRAC Event Manager
  • Rocky Simmons, HAMTC Representative
  • Barbara Williams, CHPRC Representative


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