Lance Frisbee

Digital Media Influencer

CEO of Aftershock Media Group, Inc. &

Director of Gaming at Omen Elite

Lance Frisbee


Lance is passionate about digital media and the mobile games industry. Bringing a unique perspective to the table, Lance has been a top player, founded, managed and sold top-performing global teams, created popular online leagues, created entertainment content for an audience of 1.7 million, hosted numerous large scale esports events and has worked with many game developers directly to help produce, refine and promote their games.

Over the past two years Lance has taken a more active role in consulting and building strategic partnerships with brands and businesses in the digital space. He has been invited to speak on panels and at events for companies like YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and has hosted and broadcast major events for industry heavyweights such as Supercell, Tencent, Razer, Facebook, and YouTube. In addition to the creation of digital entertainment content for a variety of companies, Lance is actively involved as an ambassador for multiple brands in the tech sector.